Shaabaz Weddings and Events was established in 2000 and later incorporated in 2010. We specialize in exhibitions, conferences, conventions, incentive : (MICE), weddings, and other related events. Shaabaz also ventured into several start-up ventures including brands like Wedding Biryani, Palace Allenby Ballroom and many more.

After seeing the success of our other brands as well as weddings, the community recognized us as leaders in events and knew that our connections and networks were huge. People were telling us they had a bride or groom ready but could not find individual partners. That led us to create Shaabaz Matrimonial, a community service where we took it upon ourselves to forge two hearts into one, which generated amazing responses.

Over the past few years, we have noticed that while there were a lot of weddings, there are also a lot of divorces that are as much as 30%. This has led us to think about educating couples, so they do not part ways. To understand where, why, how divorce happens and where the main problem lies. Therefore, the idea of creating a school of thought to guide couples, families, and individuals. Therefore, we offer courses, talks, and individual counselling seminars that remain untouched by religious aspects.

We have performed numerous weddings and knowing that some of our couples were no longer together, it was painful for us to see them leave or part ways. They invested a lot of money and time into their wedding. What saddens us the most is that some children have been affected by the whole process. That is why we have been trying to find a solution. We are trying to offer classes, seminars and more.

It has also come to our attention that there are entrepreneurs and businesspeople who have been affected by the pandemic. Some businesses have been shut down, others do not know how to adapt to the current society or technology. So, we decided to educate them

too by offering free courses and advice. While working on both projects, we realised that all of this would lead to something that would benefit the community and those affected. We decided to create Shaabaz Academy.